This Halloween Weekend, Architecture LGBT+ in partnership with Architecture:m invites you to a Halloween Social. Mingle and meet fellow students and professionals in the Built Environment sector and their friends in a unique, fun-filled night, ran as an interactive, treasure hunt, photo competition and bar crawl through a few of Manchester's best known bars. There'll be prizes for winning teams. So come up and be vampires of the night!

Your first task is to solve where the first event location is. It's found within the event flyer. If you can't view it, It's written below. And don't worry, we shall reveal it later closer to the date. We'd also kindly ask a gold coin donation for the prize pool during the night.

So good luck, think fast! Bring your friends! See you there!

Vampires of the night,
A Mancunian adventure in sight
Bars and taverns we shall seek
On the streets we shall meet

A ‘crawl’, so they say is its name
A golden coin need be shed to play the game
Fellow monsters, there to meet
There’ll be prizes for the ones to beat

And so they asked, “Where art thou shall we be?”
Well, listen here carefully now, you see.

Riddle me this riddle me that,
Keep your wits high on your thinking hat.
The place you seek, it’s clear
Twice below it will appear:

I heard of a Folk tale
It sent shivers down my Soul
Heard of Folk, heard of creatures
Oh my Soul, no more whole.

So let’s get things in order
See you Friday, 26th October.
Take your brooms, hats and capes,
6 pm, don’t be late!